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Grand prizes

  • Birdo Bird Photographer of the Year: HUF 250,000 worth of travelling or photographer hide-rental
  • Birdo Young Bird Photographer of the Year: HUF 100,000 worth of travelling or training 
  • Birdo Bird Photograph of the Year: HUF 80,000 worth of voucher

Category prizes 

  • First prize: HUF 80,000 worth of voucher
  • Second prize: HUF 50,000 worth of voucher
  • Third prize: HUF 20,000 worth of voucher


  • A unique, handmade trophy goes to all category winners.

Special awards

  • Special prize of the Nature Photography Magazine to the title winner of the Birdo Bird Photograph of the Year 2023 (portfolio review)
  • Special prize of the FotóOktatás photography school to the title winner of the Birdo Young Bird Photographer of the Year 2023: HUF 180,000 worth of voucher
  • A gift package of the BirdLife Hungary
  • Special prize of the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden 3 pc. annual family passes to the garden
  • Special prize of the Tripont Foto Video Ltd. rental option for HUF 300,000
  • A gift package from the Hundred Valley Nature Society
  • A gift package from the city of Tata
  • People’s Choice Award: HUF 50,000 worth of voucher 

Publication opportunities 

Prize-winning and highly rated images will be

  • included in our travelling exhibitions across the country
  • published on our website and social platforms
  • included in the Birdo award book
  • receive media coverage

Awards Ceremony
The winning photographers will be awarded on 4tn November at the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden, Budapest. The author of the best 50 images will be invited and their images will be showcased during the event..


Birdo Team
Email: info(at)birdphotocontest(dot)eu