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The Birdo conducts an annual free to enter photography competition for professional, non-professional and student photographers from any country. Entrants may enter images in 10 different categories. By entering the competition, entrants agree and acknowledge the terms and conditions including copyright clauses and data protection principles.
Copyright holders grant the Birdo Photo Contest unlimited non-exclusive use of high-resolution images for activities in all media, including social media, online and print, in relation to the contest and all promotional activities without any remuneration being due.

Submission start date:
June 1, 2022
Submission closing date:
July 31, 2022
Second round:
August 16 - 31, 2022
Public voting:
September 14 - 30, 2022

Award Ceremony:
November 26, 2022
The Awards Ceremony will be held at the Tatai Vadlúd Sokadalom.

How to Enter

All photographers must submit their work online. We only accept one registration per person.

All personal information provided during registration will not be stored or used for after the competition as laid out in our Privacy Policy.

Images can be submitted anytime during the entry period, but once the image is uploaded it cannot be modified afterwards.

The same image cannot be entered in more than one category. The image must not contain any reference to the identity of the author, otherwise the image will not be eligible for participation.

Images will be checked against the minimum technical requirements from the moment of upload and that are not of acceptable quality will be immediately disqualified from the competition.

The entrant will be informed of the disqualification and another image can only be uploaded during the entry period.

Image Entry Criteria

Ethical Principles
Entrants must not distress, disturb or damage the wildlife for the purposes of photography. Photos can only depict wild birds photographed in natural or urban habitat. Images of tamed or captive birds will be deleted immediately.
Drone photos are not acceptable here.

Image Specifications
Digital images must be uploaded in JPG format, with a resolution at least 10 megapixel and not exceed 2 MB per file.
The means of taking the photo is not defined, all devices that ensure sufficient quality of images are eligible.

The Birdo reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify and remove any entry that does not comply with the requirements laid out in the Contest Rules. If a breach has occurred, but is discovered after an award, then Birdo may withdraw the relevant entry from any of the Exhibitions and/or related activity and require the return or reimbursement of any prize already received.

Birdo Team
Email: info(at)birdphotocontest(dot)eu